Speaking Out

For many years now victims / survivors of sexual assault have been hindered and denied the opportunity to talk about and work through their experiences.

Through the courage of many who have begun to speak out and actively pursue ways of dealing with recent and past sexual assault, we are now witnessing both personal growth and political change.

Sexual assault is a crime. It is a violation of basic human rights with the victims being women, men and children.


Support Offered

Many survivors of sexual assault and other clients have found comfort in being able to share their experiences with trained supportive counsellors and therapists.

Models Denise uses include

  • CBT  
  • IDT
  • Solution Focused
  • Narrative
  • Dream Work
  • Strengths Based
  • Pet Assisted Therapy
  • Virtual Reality
  • Skype Video Call
  • Mindfulness Techniques
  • Guided Imagery
  • Creative Visualization

Services Provided

  • Sexual Assault Counselling - AGED 13 YEARS AND OVER. Confidential counselling and referral for those and their significant others, who have experienced sexual assault and unwanted sexual contact. Denise is also able to provide information regarding ACC counselling and entitlements for sexual assault, either recent or historical.


  • Grief Counselling - Having experienced multiple losses of close family members and friends, including the loss of both parents, partner and a few years later the sudden loss of her only child (an adult), has placed Denise in the unique position of fully appreciating the gravity of personal loss. She has developed core strategies that integrate trauma, grief and at times the overwhelming feelings that impact on day to day functioning. She will help you find a pathway forward and assist you to develop your own strategies that enhance the work/life and recreational balance.


  • Adolescents and teenagers 13 -18 - Denise has spent many years working with teenagers struggling to cope with the ever-changing demands during this transitional period of life. She works with issues causing teenagers stress such as anxiety, depression, the ever-changing world of technology, demands of school, and parental requirements. Denise has considerable experience working with sexual assault and unwanted sexual contact within this age group, helping many young survivors find a pathway forward.


  • Young adults – 18-25 - Denise has worked both in New Zealand and overseas specialising in issues that affect this age group, including but not limited to, personal relationships whether straight, bi-sexual, gay or trans-gendered. Confusion regarding unplanned pregnancy, medium and long-term relationship challenges, work and unpaid work issues, as well as future directions.


  • Couples Counselling - Through her long career in supporting her clients through some challenging times, Denise has had great success in working with couples whether straight, gay, or bi-sexual. She can assist you to enhance your communication skills, help you to develop your own unique strategies as a couple, and most importantly teach you how to maintain and review these approaches to continue a healthy, honest and loving relationship.


  • Pet assisted therapy - Denise can arrange to have the assistance of both her cat and dog in her therapy. Depending on the location of where you will be seeing Denise, it may be an option to have her dog and or cat present in the counselling room to pat, cuddle and interact with. Her therapy dog has a lovely playful nature, currently is in training and Denise would welcome your knowledge and assistance if you enjoy being around dogs.


  • Psychological preparation for sexual assault and rape trials – Over some thirty years both in Australia and New Zealand, Denise has developed her own model of psychological preparation for court. In Melbourne she was an “expert witness” in sexual assault trials. By using the techniques taught and practised over her 8 week programme, survivors are empowered to speak their truth. In turn they will become more relaxed and confident in the court environment. Her success rate of her clients achieving 98% convictions is a testament to the strength and effectiveness of her model.

Denise McEnteer

Denise was born in Tauranga and educated both in New Zealand and Australia. She has spent half of her adult life living and working across multiple cultures in Australia and New Zealand, was a pivotal specialist in Melbourne, and a founding member of Bay of Plenty Sexual Assault Service in Tauranga.

Denise’s formal qualifications include

  • Community Nurse – New Zealand
  • Bachelor of Social Work – Australia
  • Diploma of Community Work – Australia
  • Diploma of Holistic Healing – Australia
  • Certificate in Supervision – New Zealand
  • Registered ACC Accredited Counsellor – New Zealand

Membership  ANZASW Aoeteroa NZ Association of Social Workers

Denise was a founding member of the internationally acclaimed Centre Against Sexual Assault (CASA House), The State-wide Emergency Over Night Women’s Refuge, Victoria After Hours Centre Against Sexual Assault, all of which are based in Melbourne.

Since the year 2000 Denise has run her own private practice based in Tauranga and Hauraki, and helped establish Bay of Plenty Sexual Assault Services. For over thirty years she has worked with thousands of people to help make positive changes in their lives.

Her focus is in providing acute, medium and long term counselling and sexual assault support services to women, men and adolescents.

In 2009 Denise's research was used as the basis to develop the Sexual Assault Primary Prevention two year program, initiated by the Tauranga City Council's "Tauranga Safe City".

Denise has significant experience working with Maori and her own Iwi is Ngati Maru of Hauraki.

My Philosophy

My professional training and personal study has lead me to explore a number of different therapeutic and health modalities and systems.  In turn these frameworks have provided valuable insight and understanding into some of the ways at different times in our lives we can become unbalanced in mind, body and spirit/transpersonal.

As a motorcyclist, swimmer, and kayaker I am reminded that the art of balance is important in firstly establishing stability and secondly maintaining it. 

I see my role as someone who can work in partnership with you to develop appropriate strategies and learn how to maintain them. This process will assist you to stabilise your emotions and regain balance and mental steadiness. I can walk beside you and guide you while we in partnership find the best way to integrate your trauma ,  assist you to experience personal positive growth, a deepening of relationships and  an increased sense of wellbeing.

Community Educational projects such as “NO MYTH” acting in a production about the myths of Domestic and Sexual Violence ( seen by over 8000 people in Melbourne and Western Australia), consultant for the 50 minute documentary No MYTH and consultant and actor for the Television Community Service announcement about Domestic Violence (that aired consecutively for 9 years in Melbourne),  Author for the book NO MYTH have  allowed my advocacy skills to be used in ways which have provided a personal and political balance to the counselling role.

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Contact Denise

PH: 021 294 5810


Fees to be discussed with Denise dependent on income.

Denise works from two locations in Tauranga, Bay of Plenty.


Hours Of Work

9am - 5pm Monday - Friday


Useful Contacts


24 hour Sexual Assault telephone crisis line          0800 883 300

Thames / Coromandel

Te Korowai Hauora O Hauraki                               (07) 868 0033

Hauraki Maori Trust Board                                     0508 468 288